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System Statistics

Today Unique Impressions: 1,750

Total Clicks: 216,179
Total Unique Impressions: 29,786,107
Total Impressions: 66,223,985
Total Advertiser: 11573
Total Publisher: 10858

Free Advertising And Free Organic How Do You Make A Hit ?

  • star Free advertising free advertising network and the name of the site to increase hits, with the opportunity of free advertising and link exchange provides.
  • star Hit and give free advertising and free link exchange ad you can do by starting to use the site.
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  • star Our system is how long-term it gives free hits to your site if you use so much, and also ensures that Google will rise.

Bedavareklamsitesi.Com What Does It Do ?

  • star Do free advertising and web site hit up the hundreds to the site for you as free advertising give me the opportunity provides.
  • star One of the features that distinguish them from other ad networks is showing us many more than the number of ads, you earn the right to publish ads.
  • star Clicks from ads in a new tab opens. In this way, your visitors never lose persistent organic hit if you win.
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  • star Your free ads, text or JPG, PNG, GIF and SWF you can add it as a banner.

User Guide / How Does The System Work ?

  • 1- After adding your site again My Web Site the ad code by clicking on the button where it says you must add the code to your own site.
  • 2- After adding the code to your site, to your panel Add Ads you can add completely new free ad by clicking on the button.
  • 3- Added after receiving the approval of the administrator ad, our system will be published on the sites of other members.
  • 4- Thanks to advertising clicks you receive will acquirement 100% free organic hits.

Free Advertising

Bedava Reklam Ver

Totally free advertising to other sites in the system when your ad is published and the organic hit win.


Increase Website Hits

Sitenin Hitini Arttır

The advertising of your site and surf other sites in our system, when transmitted will increase your site hits, PageRank will increase.


Make The Switch Ad

Reklam Değişim Ağı

Published in our system-quality ads to add a new one, right in our ad network you join.